Heart Adventures with Puppygirl

Come and enjoy the journeys of PuppyGirl and BigBestFriend as they share the love of JesusSaviorFriend with you, their “new special friend”.  Each book has several focused scriptures to enjoy finding in the Bible, meant to impart God’s love and grace to use in everyday life. There is also a poem by the author for the reader’s BigBestFriend to inspire and express the importance of sharing God’s living word to our younger generation, hoping to make the world a kinder place to live.  To remember the message offered, a project is suggested with instructions for each new special friend and their BigBestFriend  to create in God’s glory.

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Gracie's Gift

PuppyGirl’s new friend, Gracie, loves JesusSaviorFriend too! Together they share wonderful adventures of the heart and learn from each other about helping others through good times and bad times.

Nobby Star (Coming Soon!)

  While PuppyGirl and BigBestFriend are in California, PuppyGirl gets to learn about the ocean, especially about how waves can make you fall down. But, if you bark at them…they just go back into the ocean!

Wrinkle Twinkles

Meet the Wrinkle Twinkles and understand why they are special to God’s heart. Like Jesus himself, we need to be kind to others that are sick or hurting.

The Lake

   Enjoy adventure at The Lake to learn more about Creation and how God shows His heart to us in the beauty we see every day.

Rock Gardens

   Appreciate the world as God’s own Rock Gardens illustrates acceptance of others as God places everyone in just the right place for beauty and grace here on Earth.