Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl Share the love!

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Do you know any Wrinkle Twinkles? Do you know anyone that needs the love of JesusSaviorFriend?

   PuppyGirl would like you to meet some of her favorite friends, the Wrinkle Twinkles!

   PuppyGirl calls some people the Wrinkle Twinkles because when they smile their skin makes wrinkles and when they laugh their eyes twinkle just like the stars at night.

   Join PuppyGirl and BigBestFriend as they learn from JesusSaviorFriend what it means to remember the feeling of joy.  He teaches them the joy of helping the Wrinkle Twinkles remember love, a love that pleases God.

   Their adventure begins when the Wrinkle Twinkles hold that special moment when they were young and knew the love of God's love and grace. With that joy, their hearts can dance again.           

   The Wrinkle Twinkles teaches children to share the love of JesusSaviorFriend by giving their own love from their hearts...and that makes God's heart smile!!!

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