Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl Share the love!



   The Lake is a delightful beginning to a four book series about PuppyGirl and her adventures of the heart. PuppyGirl thinks heart adventures grow from special moments that touch her heart as she shares journeys with her BigBestFriend.

   On the path around the lake, they know that JesusSaviorFriend is there too because He makes their adventures even more special as they feel the love from His heart flow straight into their hearts. PuppyGirl has learned this kind of love is to be shared with others.

   At The Lake JesusSaviorFriend teaches them about the beauty of Creation and how God shows His heart in the world around us.

   The Lake also focuses on teaching children (and their families) that Jesus Christ can be in their hearts every moment of every day and encourages them to think of ways to make God's heart smile!

   Children and parents alike will love seeing all the endearing illustrations that demonstrate PuppyGirl's words about God's love and grace. Once set in a child's heart, the morals and ideals will last a lifetime, shared again and again to help make the world a kinder place.