Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl Share the love!

   Children love to see new things and go to new places, just like PuppyGirl.

   PuppyGirl is eager to share her trip to big California with you, where she and BigBestFriend learn all about the beauty of America. Of course, JesusSaviorFriend is there too because the best adventures always have JesusSaviorFriend right in the middle!

   Some of the new things they see are part of God's wonderful creations of lakes, mountains and sunrises. But, PuppyGirl finds even more beauty in the different colors of the people (and puppy dogs!) she meets. She begins to see how God has them in just the right places to create His own special Rock Gardens.  

   Children learn about acceptance of others that might look or speak differently than she and BigBestFriend. After, all not all puppy dogs are white with brown spots like PuppyGirl! She sees how everyone smiles the same, laughs the same and when they stroke her soft fur, they all feel the same.  

   JesusSaviorFriend teaches PuppyGirl and BigBestFriend that when people are not kind to others, they are walking in spiritual darkness and cannot see the way to God's heart.

If everyone loved like JesusSaviorFriend, the world could be a much kinder, better place to live.





 Now available in Spanish at www.createspace.com or from author via email puppygirl.baj@comcast.net