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Meet PuppyGirl

Welcome to my website!!

   It's me, PuppyGirl on the web!

   I am so glad you came to meet me, BigBestFriend and JesusSaviorFriend. We are all here to be your new special friends.

   I can't wait to tell you all about my new books but first I want to thank JesusSaviorFriend for making the website happen. You know, when BigBestFriend starts talking with JesusSaviorFriend, we never know what might happen!

   One thing we do know is that JesusSaviorFriend loves us. We know because we can feel all the love from His heart growing in our hearts. It just grows and grows and grows. Funny thing...the more we give our love away to others, even more grows inside us.

   Do you know JesusSaviorFriend? He is waiting to hear from you. Just tell Him how much you love him. He will always know what your heart is feeling.  And, if you do something that is wrong and say you are sorry, JesusSaviorFriend will always forgive you.

    My Heart Adventure books were written by BigBestFriend because she wanted to share with everyone some of the actual places we have been. We noticed that no matter where we were, JesusSaviorFriend was always there with us to help us and to show us His love. Most importantly, to show us that others can know His love just the same as we do.

    Do you know it makes JesusSaviorFriend's heart smile when we are kind to others? Even when others are not nice to us, He wants us to be like Him and forgive them. I think sharing love and adventures of the heart with JesusSaviorFriend are wonderful ways to make the world a much better place to live.

      A little about me...I used to  live in California but I now live in Pennsylvania close to the mountains. That is where I learned to be a therapy dog. Therapy dogs go to houses or into hospitals or other places to meet all kinds of wonderful people. Usually they are sick or just want to feel happy. That's what I do best...making people feel the joy of being loved. I enjoy seeing every smile or tear of joy as they touch my soft fur.  To know my heart is to know me.

   What do you think? Please, my new special friend, send me a note on my new website and maybe a picture of your LittleBestFriend. Feel free to share one of your adventures or just say hello.  

Have you made JesusSaviorFriend smile today!?!