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The author of Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl, the series, Barbara A. Johns is a retired Hospice Registered Nurse. She moved from Northern California to her home town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania with her LittleBestFriend, Abby (better known as PuppyGirl to her new special friends) in 2017.

   After being recruited to work in California, she followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to travel west, which she admits, turned into the most rewarding experience of her life. Driving across America alone with her Abby was the beginning of her inspirational writing of the Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl series and her poetry centered on God's care and wonders.

   Working as a Hospice nurse provided her with many opportunities to frequent the rendering of soul searching thoughts to people facing their final journey in life. At times, with PuppyGirl at her side, providing solace from pain and loneliness she has touched many hearts.

    Her first three books, The Lake, Wrinkle Twinkles and Rock Gardens are now translated to Spanish and are available on www.CreateSpace.com or by contacting the Author (puppygirl.baj@comcast.net). More translations are planned. Also, a close to her heart book, Gracie's Gift, will be available later this year from Dorrance Publishing. This book helps parents and children deal with the emotions of death and dying through loving, crying and hoping, as seen through the eyes of PuppyGirl and the loss of her lopped-earred bunny friend, Gracie.